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Wet Care

Wet Care

Here at Presto Clean we have adopted the future not only in our 24/7 kiosk service but also in the processes we use to clean. Technological advances in machine manufacturing and detergents now mean that clothes marked dry clean only can now be processed using water and special detergents.  Our cleaning technology from Electrolux, named “Lagoon”, has been specifically designed by Electrolux in partnership with Woolmark to provide a eco friendly cleaning process in order to produce brilliant cleaning results.

Taking exceptional care, we use water and biodegradable detergents, combined in very specific cleaning cycles for each type of fabric: controlled temperature, cycle duration and minimum mechanical action.

The result is an incredibly effective and ecological process for even the most delicate of garments such as silks, cashmeres and pure new wools. The majority of stains presented to dry cleaners are often “wet stains”. For instance, a drink may have spilt down a top or persperation under the arms etc. These types of “wet” stains very often require extensive spotting or re-cleaning using conventional dry cleaning methods. Now, with the introduction of “Lagoon” by Electrolux these often troublesome stains are removed producing fantastic results and garments are left feeling fresh and clean.

Have just used your 24 hr kiosk for the first time... Wow! This really is 21st century technology!  Thank you for rushing through my two suits - excellent service, and so convenient for me to collect in the wee small hours of the morning!

You deserve credit and congratulations for the time and effort you have put into this amazing technology! I hope the rest of your clients will appreciate what you are doing in the interests of customer service!

Kind regards,

Richard Graham

Richard GrahamValued Customer

Sincere thanks for dry-cleaning my silk suit so successfully and for all the trouble you had to ensure a safe return postage. I am delighted with the result and will tell all of my friends to use your cleaners for delicate silk etc.

With thanks,

R.A. McCollum - Coleraine

R.A McCollumValued Customer

Fantastic idea and service. Totally faultless. For someone who struggles to get to a dry cleaners during normal business hours this has been a God-send. Drop it off...check my account for when its ready and then go pick up. Could not be any more easier.

Stephen HunterValued Customer