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Wouldn’t it be great to experience textile cleaning with all your senses? Seeing bright colours, feeling a great touch of the textiles and smelling a clean scent. Traditional dry cleaning solvents can often leave a residue of smell due to the nature of dry cleaning.

The most commonly used solvent for dry cleaning is Perchloroethylene or Perc as its known in the trade. Perc is identified as the circle P on garment labels and is a excellent solvent for stain removal. It is however beginning to be phased out of production and here at Presto some 10 years ago we upgraded our machines to operate on multi-solvents. Green Earth™ was the solvent we adopted and have cleaned for the past 10 years using it. However recently Safechem and Dowper two of the worlds largest chemical companies have produced a solvent that matches the power of Perc but without the complexities of cleaning in Perc. We are pleased to say we are the first cleaner in N.Ireland to offer SENSENE™ to our customers. In addition to SENSENE™ solvent we also retain Green Earth™ in our second dry cleaning machine and also New for 2017 is our Wet Care system from Electrolux™. Meaning we have the ability to provide our customers with a unrivalled cleaning service, our expertly trained technicians can call upon three different cleaning processes so to offer the best result for our customers.

Sense for Beauty


The SENSENE™ dry cleaning solvent has a very high solvency power and reliably removes a variety of stains on different fabrics. It is designed to prevent discolouring and keeps the bright colours of the dry cleaned textiles.

Sense for Nature


SENSENE™ is based on a modified alcohol formulation which is inherently biodegradable, not expected to accumulate in the food chain and has a low aquatic toxicity, and therefore an environmentally responsible way of dry cleaning.

Sense for Touch


SENSENE™ is very gentle to the dry cleaned fabrics and causes relatively low wrinkling which makes ironing easier. This provides SENSENE™ cleaned textiles with a great touch.

Sense for business


SENSENE™ realises an easy and smart textile cleaning process: textiles dry faster and the machine cycle times are shorter. In addition, the dry cleaning process needs less energy due to a good distillation behavior, pre-spotting can be reduced and the finishing is easier as the fabrics wrinkle less.

Sense for Scent


SENSENE™ leaves nothing but a pleasant, clean smell on the dry cleaned textiles.